How we invest

"Investment is a complicated subject; we have deliberately built our investment process and philosophy to be both “easy to understand” and flexible enough to evolve in an ever-changing world."

Tom Becket,
Chief Investment Officer

We believe that building an effective and efficient investment portfolio starts with the end goal in mind.

We provide real, risk-adjusted returns that aim to outpace inflation by varying degrees – not just designed to deliver outperformance of a particular index or of a competitor.

This is an approach we have adopted since the launch of our business and continue to believe is the best methodology to deliver real value to our clients.

Our philosophy is simple.

We aim to preserve capital and grow wealth over time. Our primary aim is to protect portfolios against downside impacts, while trying to generate attractive returns in positive market conditions.

We are forward-looking, dynamic and move decisively to capture potential market returns.

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