In the latest series of our Video Blogs, our Chief Investment Officer Tom Becket, goes back to 1987, when the lives of music lovers changed forever with the release of Guns N’ Roses’ blockbuster album “Appetite for Destruction”. In this series of short videos, he discusses the eerie resonance between the album and what we are currently seeing in the world of monetary policy, as well as the extraordinary path that he sees for central bank policies, government spending and the global economy in the future.

Track 1: “Welcome to the Jungle”

Welcome to the jungle, it gets worse here every day.
You learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play.
If you got hunger for what you see, you’ll take it eventually.
You can have everything you want but you better not take it from me.
Guns N’ Roses, 1987

Watch the video in full below.


Thomas Becket

Chief Investment Officer


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