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Investment Process

Investment Process

At Psigma we believe that building an effective and efficient investment portfolio, designed to meet the needs of an individual client, starts with the end goal in mind.  


We are dedicated to providing real, risk-adjusted returns; returns that seek to outpace inflation by varying degrees, not just designed to deliver outperformance of a particular index or of a competitor. This is an approach that we have adopted since the launch of our business and we continue to believe that this is the best methodology to deliver real value to clients.

Working as a Team

We believe that asset allocation is the key to driving the majority of returns and managing risk, which is why, principally, we will include a number of different asset types in the portfolios. We are also able to provide a tailored portfolio in a single asset class should this type of strategy be required. The bespoke nature of our business means just that; bespoke and tailored portfolios.

Our Philosophy 

Our philosophy is simple. We aim to preserve clients’ capital and grow their wealth over time. Our primary aim is to protect clients’ portfolios against downside impacts, whilst trying to generate attractive returns in positive market conditions. 

We pride ourselves on the strength of our investment process, which has continued to evolve to meet both the demands of today’s clients and turbulent markets; we believe it to be one of the most thorough in the UK wealth management industry. We provide an institutional investment approach, with a rigorous approach to risk analysis and investment selection. 

Our investment process has evolved over the past 13 years. It continues to develop to reflect an ever-changing investment environment and wider industry developments.  Our process allows us to be forward looking, dynamic and to move decisively to capture potential market returns. ​​​