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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some of the more frequent questions we get asked by both clients and advisers. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 3327 5450 or via email on if the answers to your questions are not below.
Can you facilitate adviser charging?

Yes, we can facilitate both initial and ongoing adviser charging payments for advisers, subject to receipt of an adviser charging agreement. For new SIPP and Offshore Bond accounts, please contact one of our team to discuss the options available to you.

Our quarterly management fees are levied and shown separately from any adviser charges in client statements. The adviser must instruct us as to whether VAT should be applied to any of the adviser charging payments.
Are you able to map the outputs from risk analysis tools to your risk categories? 
Yes, we would look to work with you to ensure that the construction of any client portfolio meets your specific risk requirements. We can map portfolios against both our MPS and bespoke strategies depending on your client needs.
Which platforms provide access to your Managed Portfolio Service?
Psigma Platform Portfolios can be accessed via the following platforms: Ascentric, Aviva, FundsNetwork, Fusion, Standard Life, Transact and 7IM.
Can you provide evidence of your investment performance?
We provide monthly factsheets for all of our MPS strategies, which include performance data.
Our Bespoke Portfolio Service is bespoke to each client. Due to the differing needs of individual clients, there will always be variations in the composition of the underlying portfolios and therefore performance returns.
How do I obtain Psigma's Terms of Business?
To obtain an Agent Terms of Business, please contact our Client Services team via

What are the rates of return available on cash holdings?

We currently pay interest on sterling cash holdings in portfolios at 0.25% p.a. Interest will be paid on free credit balances held on your behalf, calculated on a daily basis, unless the sum accrued during the quarter is less than two pounds and fifty pence. As at 15 April 2015, negative interest will be debited from Swiss Franc (CHF) and Euro (EUR) denominated cash holdings as follows: CHF -1.00% p.a. and EUR -0.50% p.a. Interest is not credited or debited from any other foreign currency cash balances held.

Can I access my/my clients’ portfolios online?
Yes, we have an online system with a secure log-in facility, which enables both clients and advisers to view all their/their clients’ portfolios. For further information on this system, please contact our Business Development​ team.
What do you charge for your services?
For both our Bespoke Portfolio Service and our MPS, we use a clean, simple and transparent fee structure that does not have any transactional commissions or dealing charges. We believe this provides complete transparency to all parties and aligns the aims of both the underlying client and investment manager. 
What are the minimum investment levels for your services?
For our Bespoke Portfolio Service, the minimum investment is £250,000. For MPS, which is only available via advisers, the minimum investment is £50,000.

Would an investor be covered by any guarantee and/or compensation scheme with regards to securities or cash?

We are a participant in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), details of which can be viewed at Client cash and assets are covered by the FSCS up to the limits explained on their website.