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Managed Portfolio Service

Managed Portfolio Service 

Launched exclusively for advisers over ten years ago, our Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) is a range of six highly-diversified managed portfolios.  They aim to deliver returns above inflation (CPI) with low volatility using an institutional-style investment approach.  Our MPS is available to private clients (via advisers) with assets over £50,000 to invest. 

It is actively managed by a dedicated team of investment managers who regularly rebalance the portfolios to ensure that the asset allocation remains in line with the risk budget and delivers the performance objective. Click each strategy for full details.

Our MPS provides cost-effective access to the proven investment expertise, strategies and processes of a successful discretionary investment manager. Investing in a wide range of asset classes from emerging market equities to cash using both passive and active investments, we operate a dynamic and forward looking investment process. 

With an investment team of eight people we follow a rigorous process to ensure that the right investments are held to help us achieve our risk adjusted returns.  This ensures that all investments are fully researched and risk rated using our own propriety risk tools prior to any investment being made. Read more about our investment process.

Why choose our MPS?
  • Performance - Strong risk-adjusted performance track record
  • Transparency - we have a clean fee structure (0.5% AMC ex VAT) with no commission charges 

  • Suitability - Our rigorous risk analysis and assessment helps you to make the difficult decisions over suitability equally we will accept your risk assessment*

  • Choice – income withdrawals can be made ad hoc, monthly, quarterly or annually

  • Service and support – a dedicated MPS team plus 24 hour online access to secure and dedicated customer and adviser pages

  • Communication – monthly factsheets, quarterly valuations, tax packs and regular market updates 
 *subject to approval
​​How to access

To start investing in our MPS, please email or call 020 3327 5400.