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“With individuals in the team experienced as charity trustees, we understand  that our clients need to be confident of our skills and of their investment  strategy.” 
  Andrew Wauchope
  Senior Investment Director

We understand there are many aspects you need to consider when trusting an investment manager with your Charity’s assets but we think there are three key reasons why Psigma is the right choice​.
Proven Investment Expertise
Our investment strategies are designed to help charities better meet their funding objectives over the long term. This is something we’re good at and we have been delivering to our clients since our launch in 2002. 
We started our business to help our clients grow their real wealth over the long term and protect their assets in volatile markets. Because we are not wedded to arbitrary benchmarks or peer group comparisons, we are able to utilise a range of investments across our 11 defined asset classes. This means we are able to capture upside performance in a rising market as well as protecting assets in falling markets. We do this with a clearly define target in mind; one agreed at the outset with our clients and their trustee boards.

Whilst our strategies aren’t guaranteed this approach has been proven to create greater certainty for our clients who have particular investment or funding outcomes. 

Highly Personal Service
Many of us are trustees ourselves and some have extensive experience in this field.  Therefore, we understand how important it is to provide support and guidance throughout the investment journey. It is important to know what is happening to their charity’s assets in good times and bad and what it means for their objectives or funding requirements.

We work closely with the trustees and their advisers to really understand their needs and charitable projects.  We believe we should work as partners with our charity clients so that they are confident of our skills and comfortable with their investment strategy in all market conditions.
Clients are at the heart of what we do and we launched Psigma in 2002 as an alternative for clients no longer being properly serviced by larger organisations. Our founding partners actively sought out a like-minded business partner in the Punter Southall Group to launch Psigma and as a smaller, more agile business we can continue to offer clients the support and service they need and expect from their manager.

Credible and Straightforward
In a crowded marketplace it can be difficult for charity clients to distinguish a credible investment manager. It is vital that credibility is more than just good performance - our charity clients need a manager who passes manager selection on a number of levels.
They need to know that they’re investing their assets with a manager who isn’t going to disappear overnight, is with them for the long-term, who has more than just one won many accolade and has processes in place to ensure a repeatable and robust experience.
Finally, we are transparent in everything we do. Psigma were awarded the 3D award from ARC (an independent investment and research consultant), an endorsement of our ongoing commitment to the principles of transparency, engagement, and integrity these are important values that our Charity clients identify with.

Our Fee schedules are competitive and we have no hidden charges. It is fair to charge clients for the value we add, but it is not fair to have complicated fee structures that include exit fees, transaction commissions and custody charges.
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