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Bespoke Portfolio Service

Bespoke Portfolio Service

Our Bespoke Portfolio Service is designed for private clients who have a minimum of £250,000 to invest and require a more personal service.

You will have direct access to an investment manager who will manage your portfolio in line with your needs. This can be particularly useful if your portfolio contains family business holdings or it requires management for capital gains tax (CGT) reasons. 

Based on your specific requirements, our investment managers will construct and actively manage your portfolio and make tactical changes throughout the duration of your investment. Being able to act fast when market conditions change to ensure that your portfolio continues to meet your requirements is one of the main benefits of our bespoke portfolio service.
How does it work?
The first step is a meeting with one of our investment managers to gain a clear understanding of your financial goals. Typical questions in this meeting include; 

What are your return expectations?
What are your income requirements?
How long is your investment horizon?
What is your attitude to risk? 
Once these are understood, we are able to construct a tailored portfolio using an appropriate asset allocation. The investment managers work closely with our in-house investment research team who provide guidance on investments across a wide range of asset classes These include; cash, sovereign debt, corporate bonds, equities (developed world and emerging market) and alternatives. Read more about our investment process.

Your investment Manager will agree with you how frequently you want updates on how your portfolio is performing and will periodically review your circumstances to make sure we are up to date with any changes to your needs.

To become a client, please contact us on 020 3327 5400 or email