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Psigma Fixed Interest Portfolio Service

What is Psigma's Fixed Interest Portfolio Service?

Psigma’s Fixed Interest Portfolio Service is a discretionary service that invests in a range of funds available across the fixed interest spectrum. Blending a range of different fixed interest funds, it aims to achieve a net return materially ahead of inflation;  approximately 4-5% per annum. We believe the asset mix we have selected should  outstrip both  cash  rates and inflation  over  the  next  few years.

Whilst we have  worked hard to reduce the  levels of risk ordinarily associated to the underlying instruments, it is necessary to accept a degree of risk to achieve this target return.

This will be realised in the  variability of achieving the  specified target in every calendar year.  For example, there are  likely to be years when returns are  above this target and others when they are below, with movements in bond  markets being the key drivers of risk and return.

We believe that our fixed interest portfolio service is an appropriate method of targeting such  returns through opportunities in global bond  and credit markets.

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